Filani the Tinker



St – 10
Dx – 10
Iq – 12
Ht – 10
Speed – 5

Skills – Shouting at Foreigners, Camoflage, Blackjack

Advantages – Patron (Dibbler), Area Knowledge, Psychic Invisibility (Only for selling to the unfortunate ‘customers’…), Animal Empathy, Animal Ally, Ridiculous Luck, Literacy.

Disadvantages – Petty thievery, Cowardice, Low Pain Threshold, Lech.

Tinker’s Coat of Holding – A coat that has an infinite amount of pockets… assuming what you wish to put in there is 4"! It seemingly only likes cheap tat, as, size permitting, the items in question are never worth more than a dollar…



Music Lover – Filani is always humming or tapping away, be it with his foot, fingers or whatever he happens to be holding. Its definately easier on the ears if actual music is playing, as, whilst he can keep a beat quite happily, original compositions aren’t his strong point!

Opportunistic – Filani knows anyone and everyone, and, because of this, often picks up all sorts of habits if they are of benefit to him. Corporal Nobbs once deigned (in whatever infinite wisdom such a man posesses) to mention that as he patrols the night watch, he sometimes finds that doors arent as securely locked as they should be…

Art Appreciator – Filani always had an interest in art… originally, he just liked seeing a good piece of painting or sculpture, and admiring the work that went into it. Nowadays, he just likes seeing a good piece of painting or sculpture, and admires the work that went into it. And then ponders how he might acquire it, and how much it would be worth…

Adores Cheese – Filani loves cheese. ’Nuff said!

Quick To Forget – A man that meets as many people as Filani does cant hold grudges for long. He never gets angry, and accepts any complaints with an un-nerving understanding. He can always see both sides. The real magic occurs when, even if he was in the wrong, somehow, Filani talks the other into thinking THEY were wrong! Should anyone slight Filani, he merely shrugs and swindles them another day… the best time to attack is when people think they have the upper hand.


Filani the Tinker is one of the many opportunistic souls that wander the streets of Ankh Morpork. It wasnt the path his parents really wanted for him. They scrimped and saved for his entire childhood to put him through a good education, in the hope of all the academic knowledge would stand him in good stead for his future. Certainly, Filani did well in his lessons, taking in all the details he could, and even going out of his way to find out extra information on his subjects.

It all boded well, and his parents were exceptionally pleased. But, as is normally the way, they were about to be disappointed. With a capital ‘D’.

For whilst Filani did indeed excel in his lessons, what he really loved more was talking to people. The reason for his ever questioning was to talk to the people that knew, and find out all he could… initially on the subject, but then about the person too. Everyone has a story, both good or bad, and it was this that kept the lad going… doing well academically was a happy second place, as far as he was concerned.

When the time came for Filani to leave school, and get a job, he expressed little to no interest in any of the vocations his parents tried getting him in to. They despaired, threatening to throw him out if he didnt start paying his way.

He saved them that job by leaving home. The people were ‘out there’… and so out there went Filani. Initially he lived by doing small jobs for people. Fence painting here, gutter cleaning here… the small amounts he made kept him relatively safe and sound, and it allowed him to pursue what he really wanted, which was to meet lots of new people and find out about them.

This simple life plan leads him to where he he is now. Several years treading the cobblestones with his inquisitive nature means Filani now has an accute knowledge of the city, and indeed, most of its inhabitants, be they fellow human, or dwarf, gnoll or troll.

The selling trade seemed to be a natural progression. You talk to a person, they mention they require something… you remember where you saw one of them, and go investigate the possibility that you might get your hands on it… then you go and speak to the person that wanted the thing. They still do. They give you pennies for it. Job done. And so it goes around and around. Filani got very good at this.There was even a rumour that he once managed to sell an Elf (a race usually noted for their secretive and tight lipped nature) a pair of slippers… to some, this sounds ludicrous, but who knows… maybe the Elf wanted the slippers… if anyone could find out, its Filani.

This sort of rumour attracted the infamous C.M.O.T. Dibbler, who tracked the enterprising young man down and took him under his wing. Dibbler explained the finer points of selling anything to everyone, and now, armed with this knowledge (such as it is), Filani is now a fully fledged Tinker. Combined with his gift of the gab, there really isnt much Filani cant get a hold of, or sell. This is very pleasing to patron Dibbler, who takes his cut for educating the boy, naturally…

Filani is of average build. He has dark, messy hair, and darting blue eyes. His features are kind, and his garb is rather nondescript… some scruffy, but well made trousers, a shirt, and some solid walking boots. Like most tinkers, he has various pouches and bags about his person. Via fair means or foul, Filani also has a magic coat… magic in-so-far that it allows Filani to carry unlimited items… just as long as they are only four inches big, and cost less than a dollar. It is a dark brown colour, so its arcane ability is rather well hidden, as it doesnt look all that much at all.

For all his time on the streets, Filani would still rather run away from trouble than face it. Admittedly things dont often come to violence, as he can often talk his way out of trouble, or even avoid the whole thing altogether… but just sometimes, a customer REALLY isnt pleased. And they’re often bigger…

Filani is often accompanied by a Gnome. Why, no-one really knows… people go to ask Filani about it sometimes, and then they discover what they actually wanted was a 2 month old copy of the popular woman’s magazine, “It’s Alright!” with such articles in it as “My Husband Is A ZOMBIE… And I Still Love Him!” and “This Seasons Fashion – Brown, Hide ALL The Dirt!”

“If you cant keep it, it was never really yours” – Filani

Filani the Tinker

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