Benedicta Cumberbatch

A Werewolf that also is a member of the Assasins Guild of Ankh-Morpork.


ST 11, DX 12, IQ 10, HT 10.

Knife and Knife thrown
Brawling (Only in wolf form)

This character also has rapid healing, night vision, combat reflexes, literacy skills, Social status level 2 and a Growl of command.
magic item = The great Salad Bowl Of Holding.
She is, however, also colour blind.


-Can be paid in paper money or coppers only, so large notes and pennies are the only carried currency. She does however have a great like for the new post office stamps that have apparently come on par with the new paper money.
-When in Human form she apparently fears chickens to the extreme of screaming and running in the other direction until reason takes hold again, this fear seems so out of character that many who have witnessed it still to this day have no answer for why it occurs…unless of course they know of her ability to change and that her other form loves the animal so much that hen houses become slaughter houses and shredded chicken is greatly gourged.
-As with all the members of her species she has a problem with PLT (pre-lunar tension) yet still she can not understand why her increased aggression and tetchyness go unnoticed by all those around her (not that there are usually that many who dare) and can not understand why most human females moods are similarly affected but not in line with the lunar cycle.
-As a young girl in Uberwald word slowly floated back from the city of Ankh Morpork of a group of Uberwald Vampires were joining a society that promoted abstinence from blood, in awe Benedicta thought to salute their cause and turned vegetarian much to the disapproval of her whole family. The logistics are complicated and commonly her slip ups occur when the beast is in charge.
-Benedicta spent most of her life hiding not only what she was but also which gender she was a member of. This however can never truely be escaped and this is shown by her ability to encounter and progressively collect stray dogs on the city streets that follow her to the end…or until she chases them off. They wish to join her pack, for one reason or another and become very protective at times…unless the opponent is bigger than them (which is usually the case).

Benedicta Cumberbatch, daughter of Lord Cumberbatch, is of Uberwaldian nobility and a member of a family that is greatly respected. At an early age Benedicta infuriated her father in her inability to follow family traditions though her mother always stuck by her, a protective mother of her young cubs. Her childhood was fraught with play fights and hunts with her brothers and sisters into the wide lands surrounding their country home and Benedicta learnt much from the hide and seek games…though no matter how quietly they played some siblings always cheated, sniffing is just plain unfair! As time passed her siblings slowly found their own lives to follow, all with the approval of her father, yet still Benedicta continued to fail in his eyes. Her failure escalated when she made the choice to become a vegetarian..The word took several attempts to sink in as he had no fathom of the idea let alone the actual act and that was when he drew the line. On seeing her fathers rage, one night in the crisp cold air she finally started her journey out on her own. She wore her sturdy leather boots that the igor of the castle had so nicely re-stitched for her and a cape over some of her brothers warmer clothes. It was a hard walk to the nearest village but when she finally managed it she found an inn and stepped inside to huddle closely by the fire as the snow began to fall around her shoulders. No-one looked up as the young girl walked to the bar, no-one dared to make eye-contact except one short and filthy looking man who struck up a conversation. He was gruff and fairly drunk but other than the free drinks she got from him she also gleened that he was a mail coach driver making his way back to Ankh-Morpork in the morning…
ANKH-MORPORK!! From all she had heard that was definately the city where she could be herself. The next morning found her hitching a ride in the back of the coach between lots of bags that smelt so bad that they made her nose sting to the point where curiosity failed her completely, she didnt even want to peek inside the bags.
When finally the coach reached Ankh-Morpork the smells that hit her over-powered the stenched she had travelled with…what the hell was in this city. She had imagined gleaming streets and everyone being equal and happy instead she found…well…Ankh-Morpork.
After hours of walking around and the attempts of many surly characters to acost her, then ‘strangely’ thinking better of it, she remember what her father had said about a certain establishment in this city. It was a school that he had wanted one of her brothers to attend, maybe that was the answer she was looking for. After walking through all the streets near the post office and Patricians she finally came upon the sign she believed to be right for her.
The Guild of Assassins does not permit women to join their school, they are an organisation that favors rule, respect and tradition. Benedictas membership is still a little hazy for all involved. The night of her appearence at the Guild was one that the porter would never forget, once term starts he very rarely sees anyone enter by the front door so was instantly on edge, the individual that he was confronted with never lifted their hood but behind the rather young and if not high voice he swore he heard a growl. Over the years he convinced himself that he had imagined that threatening growl, yet still he does not know why he just bowed his head and as instructed told the stranger the way to the Heads office.
No-one knows the conversation that took place in that office but from then on there was a new student in all the classes, it was a slight and very femine looking boy by the name of Benedict Cumberbatch. All the younger nobility at the school knew the surname and knew the trouble that it caused though the curse that followed the name had not reached this far. Physicals seemed to go quickly for the boy, almost as if he never had to do the unnerving act of stripping in front of the doctor instead it was the doctor who openned the door and took a wide stance away from the small child as he walked through. This continued with all the physicals, as did the scrawny frame of the child, all through the teenage years. The only difference was with each check more and more of his fellow students were found pressing their ears to the door of the room only to hear…well many only exclaimed, ‘I swear to god I heard GROWLING!’ which was quickly followed by an open door.
As graduation loomed on the horizon Benedicta noted the vast drop outs of students that were occuring daily now, many families removing their precious heirs before the final test. As she strapped down her womanly areas to make a flatter chest, and put on her baggy clothes to go out once more to stalk the roof tops at night she reflected that this school had been easier than she had believed it would be. The unwritten rule of her identity and gender being kept secret only as the benefits of her unusual talents far out-weighed the rest. The secret was the most important part of that, she had spent years pretending to be interested in all the aspects the others spoke of in the dorms late at night and had mostly kept herself to herself other than the few boys who didnt seem to mind the unspoken conversations and the unnerving way she just couldnt pull her eyes away from their bare necks. Sadly she too would have to look as though she had dropped out, they didnt want anyone to have any idea of the prospect that a woman had become a member of the guild if she was ever found out. She would complete her final test like the others but only a few would be privy to that information.
A female Werewolf Assassin, a complicated line to tread, with no-one close and but a few knowing the truth. Her advantages are called on more often than she believed they would be, a true asset the guild she now followed.

Benedicta Cumberbatch

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